Intercessory Prayer – Unleash the Gospel

Light most blessed, shine with grace
In our hearts most sacred place,
Fill your faithful through and through!
Left without your presence here,
Life itself would disappear,
Nothing thrives apart from you!

Pentecost Sequence
Twelfth Century

Prayer for the Next Phase of Unleash the Gospel

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the abundant graces of Synod 16:
for awakening in us the vision
and resolve to become again your Church on mission,
eagerly working together to “make disciples of all nations,”
according to our commission from the Lord Jesus.

Pour out upon us your Holy Spirit, as at a new Pentecost,
to guide us in our next phase
in our movement to Unleash the Gospel.
By his power at work in us, transform our parishes
into bands of joyful missionary disciples.

Come Holy Spirit:
Set our hearts on fire to share the Good News of Jesus
with all those who stumble in darkness,
who hunger for hope, who thirst for eternal life.
Above all, grant us the boldness and courage of the apostles
to put the mission above all else, so that our community becomes
the spark to ignite the fire of divine love
that transforms this time and place
into the Kingdom of Heaven.

We pray through the intercession of
Our Lady, Star of the New Evangelization,
and her mother, our Patron, St. Anne;
and in the spirit of Blessed Solanus
we thank ahead of time
for “accomplishing in us far more than all we ask or imagine.”

We ask all of this in the all-powerful name of the Lord, Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns forever. Amen.


For Archbishop Vigneron and the Unleash the Gospel Council, that the Holy Spirit showers them with a renewed fervor as they lead the Church of Detroit in a new Pentecost.

For the partner parishes in the Missionary Strategic Plan process and the Unleash the Gospel missionaries, that the Holy Spirit will inspire them to have a boldness in outreach that will bring faith in Jesus to all in their communities.

For families, singles and senior citizens, that the Holy Spirit will refresh and renew them in this season of grace and new growth.

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